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                Wind Turbine Generator System (WTGS) Platform

                This WTGS adopts the world’s leading semi-direct drive compact transmission technology and is customized according to the characteristics of wind resources and marine environment in China. This WTGS has the advantages of high power generation efficiency, high reliability, excellent corrosion resistance and heat dissipation performance, excellent anti-typhoon performance and low operation and maintenance cost.


                Basic parameter

                MySE6.0MWproduct line

                Model Unit MySE5.5-155 MySE7.25/7.0-158 MySE6.45-180 MySE8.3-180
                Rated power kW 5500 7250/7000 6450 8300
                Designed wind zone class IEC IB IEC IB IEC S IEC S
                Cut-in wind speed m/s 3 3 3 3
                Rated wind speed m/s 10.1(static state) 11.1(static state) 10.5(static state) 11.3(static state)
                Cut-out wind speed m/s 30(3s Average) 30(3s Average) 30(3s Average) 30(3s Average)
                Designed lifetime
                25 25 25 25
                WTGS operating temperature -10~+40
                WTGS survival temperature -20~+50
                Adaptable environment Offshore, Anti-typhoon