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                Talent Concept

                We adheres to the idea which puts people first. We establish the negotiating and coordinating mechanism featuring the common participation by the government, trade unions and enterprises to establish harmonious labor relationship. We strive to provide our staff with safe, comfortable working and living environment as per high standards, with high attention paid to the

                We set up the Double Hundred Talents Program (100-100), MingYang University and the Cadre (talent) Management Office.

                We encourage talents with sense of “value, fair, responsible and active,” we enable the promotion system to stimulate our staff to have their capabilities better utilized, keep learning and researching in entrepreneurship and innovation.

                • Talent Strategy

                  We implements the talent strategy of “Cultivating Double Hundred Talents, Stressing Leading talents, and encouraging entrepreneurship,”

                • Cultivating Double Hundred Talents

                  We identify the talents in management and technical aspects, and they could become the core management personals or senior technical talents in the industry with customized trainings offered. We set the internal competition properly, so that the talents can improve themselves and achieve the individual value.

                • Stressing Leading talents

                  We customize the incentive mechanism to attract the leading and top talents at home and abroad.
                  We set the Talent Scout Award for the recommendation and introduction of leading talents and provide platform to exert their capabilities to make their value and positions achieved.

                • Encouraging Entrepreneurship

                  We advocate our staff to integrate their individual value and success with the sustainable development of the company, the industry and the society, so as to practice the solemn promise of people of “developing clean energy and benefiting the human society.